Harbor tour

“Locks, Docks, Ferries and Dykes”

In 2013 Mike’s Bike Tours Amsterdam is beginning a brand new bike tour; The locks, docks, ferries and dykes tour. Otherwise known as the Harbor Bike Tour

oranje sluiz Amsterdam

From sea-battered medieval dyke villages to the gallows field of the Golden Age, ignored until the late 19th century when the North Sea Canal’s dredgings were dumped to create more land for ship docks and laborers  Amsterdam Noord has, until the recent waterfront development with the EYE Film Museum, been considered the city’s backward sibling.eye-film-muserm-amsterdam

yellow submarineThe “Locks, Docks, Ferries and Dykes Tour” will take you through the development of Amsterdam as a harbor on the IJ, crossing the former sea inlet by ferry to Amsterdam Noord, past former squatted shipyards, along quaint old village dykes, across the Oranje ship locks past heralded modern architecture back into the city center.nieuwedammerdijk

This new tour demonstrates Mike’s Bike Tours’ desire to show you as many different aspects of Amsterdam while having a good old bike ride. It is also recommended for the visitors who have returned to enjoy our company numerous times in the past who now want to see something new.drieharingen brug

In approximately 4-5 hours we will bike down the canal belt and through the Jordaan onto the Prinsen Islands (which at the beginning of the 1600’s was the newly built western harbor district of Amsterdam).
From there we will board one of the free commuter ferries that cross the harbor to the north side of town.Pakhuis

The highlights in the north include the NDSM dock with its revamped warehouse district vibe, the Nieuwendammerdijk (one of the loveliest stretches of houses built on levees throughout the Netherlands)  and crossing back over from the north to the south via the system of locks on the eastern side of the harbor.  From there we explore the eastern docklands and the modern architecture which exists there before going for a drink.

Please note, for the harbor bike tour we must insist that everyone be a good bike rider.  This tour has the distance of our countryside tour with the traffic of the city tour so it may not be the best trip for families with small children or those of you who initially are intimidated by the bike traffic of Amsterdam. To join this bike tour you must be 13 years old or older.


We recommend to book your private Harbor bike tour in advance through email request: mikesbiketoursamsterdam@yahoo.com

Weather: We provide rain gear – which can often be necessary in Amsterdam. (A note on the weather, if you come to town and it’s raining, you have two choices as we see it; either you sit bitching in your hotel room and don’t see anything, or you put a jacket on and come join us on the tour! Nobody has drowned yet!! But some have gone swimming).