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 Something for your bike online shop.

Something for your bike

Next to our two shops in Amsterdam we are now expanding our bike accessories sales to an online shop platform. This new shop is called; Something for your bike and will go live any day now. To begin with we’ll ship within all of Europe and one can also request quotes for shipping outside of Europe. Something for your bike online shop will be filled with cool bike related goodies, we’ll sell a wide variety of Electra accessories; lots of different and unique bells Ding-dong bell, valve caps, seats, handgrips streamers and mirrors. You’ll also be able to find some real local Dutch brands like BikeCap that produce the most amazing and colorful saddle covers, Widek, Promobell, Yepp that all have a huge selection of different kind of beautiful bells. Locks and security is off course also a must and you’ll be able to find a great selection of Abus chain locks and back wheel locks. Last but not least bike bags, shoppers and panniers will be for sale as well from different local brands.

We hope to extend our online shops accessory selection in the coming year so that you truly can find that special something for your bike, that you have always been looking for.

Lots of Funky Accessories for sale in our shop

Please note that this is only a small selection of bike goodies that we have for sale in our bike shop and these products can be purchased directly in our Shops in Amsterdam or through the Something for your bike website.