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We specialize in undercover rental bikes. Which means no big signs on the front of our bike rentals advertising that you are a tourist. So with our bicycle rentals you can ride around incognito and really enjoy bicycling in and around Amsterdam. We have a wide variation of  sizes and colors to suit everyone. So if you want to rent a bike in Amsterdam, drop by our shop for your cool rental bikes.

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• To rent a bike in Amsterdam, come by our shop which is located only about 10 minutes away from Central Station.

 Mike’s Bike Tours & Rental shop at Prins Hendrikkade 176 A 

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Mike's Bike rental rates 2015

• When renting bikes, Mike’s Bike Rentals requires you to leave one of the following as a deposit: • a Passport OR • European ID card  OR • Driver’s license OR • € 300 cash.

• Choose between with or without theft insurance. Insurance covers any damage to the  bicycle and also theft. It covers a 100 % of your stolen bike as long as you can provide the key as proof that you’ve locked the bike. If you have chosen no insurance then you pay us € 300 if your bike gets stolen.

• All our rental bikes are from Electra bike, we have Townies which are fantastic for cruising around Amsterdam and surroundings.

• The rental bicycles come with 6/7 speed and dual handbrakes.

• Two locks are included with every rental bike.

• We have bike rentals for adults and vertically challenged people.

Mike's Bike rental bikes on adventure at the Markermeer

• No company signs on the bikes screaming “I am a tourist!”.

• Our weekly bicycle rental rate is 49 € and also available through our booking system.

• Please note that we do not rent out bikes with kids seats, tandem bikes, Tricycles or bakfietsen (the bikes with the box in front).

• Remember: our tour price already includes a bicycle. You do NOT have to rent a bike for the tours.

• Please note; We are closed on Kingsday; April 27th 2018. We are also closed for bike rentals from the 24th of December through the 26th of December 2018 and January 1st 2019.

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