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Mike’s Bike Countryside tour is great way to explore the Dutch landscape and see an authentic windmill and enjoy a lovely cheese tasting.

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On this fantastic guided countryside bike tour, you’ll be taken through the beautiful Dutch countryside of Amstelland south of Amsterdam. There will be plenty of information and photo opportunities along the way. This tour is suitable for confident and fit riders who can complete the full 25 km / 15 miles bike tour. We will ride on the comfortable Dutch grandma bicycles with a personable and fun local guide. 

Our tour takes you along the Amstel River beyond the edge of town and through the Dutch polder landscape with its rectilinear ditches and dikes. We pass by a cool community of houseboats and see how it has transformed from a hippie community to one that’s loved by the upper class. We will explore the Amsterdamse Bos (forest) on the southwest side of town. The forest is a public park three times the size of New York’s Central Park which has a variety of magnificent nature areas, athletic fields, a 2-kilometre-long rowing lake, camping, swimming beaches and more. An excellent place to visit for those who want to get out of the centre of the city.


We’ll also show you one of the few remaining authentic windmills and visit an eccentric and entertaining Dutch farmer at his cheese farm/clog factory. The Riekermolen windmill is also famous, because the famous painter Rembrandt loved to go here.  At the farm we will have a small break for lunch and the farmer will demonstrate the traditional art of making wooden shoes and famous Gouda cheese. Afterwards you’ll be able to have a look around in their little gift shop and taste some free samples of authentic Dutch Gouda cheese. 


We will bike back to the city center, where we will go over Amsterdams most famous bike path under the Rijksmuseum. 


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Highlights on the Countryside Bike Tour:

Go through the lovely, green Vondelpark


Bike along the Amstel River

See a classic windmill (The Riekermolen) from up close

Meet Rembrandt next to the windmill

Explore the Amsterdamse Bos (forest)

Cross through the polder landscape that’s below sea level

Pass by beautiful houseboats

Visit a centuries-old cheese making and clog making farm

Bike under the Rijksmuseum


Trip details:

  • The Countryside bike tour is suitable for people 12 years and older. A good level of fitness, health and biking skill is necessary.

  • This guided bike tour is 20 km / 12.5 miles long and lasts 4 - 4,5 hours. 

  • Group size: maximum 15 people in one group.

  • Lunch: feel free to pack a lunch and bring something to snack and drink along the route or out at the cheese farm because while the farmer has cheese to eat the wooden shoes are not fun to nibble on unless you are a chipmunk. Best is to wear a backpack on the bicycle. 

  • We will provide a good Dutch Bike and raingear if necessary. Helmets are not required for this tour

  • Time: The tour starts seven days per week at 10am. Make sure to be at least 10 minutes in advance at the meeting point

  • Please book in advance, our bike tours often get sold out.


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