Bike for a Beer Countryside Tour 

Join us for a fun bike ride south of Amsterdam where we’ll explore the beautiful Dutch Middelpolder, see a couple of windmills and visit the amazing Kek Beergarden for some beer tastings and bitterballen.

We here at Mike’s Bike Tours Amsterdam have been trying for some time now to incorporate both a lovely and long bike ride with a social vibe and mix in a beer as well. We feel we’ve accomplished that with this awesome tour; the Bike for a Beer and Bitterballen tour.

Unfortunately this tour is currently is on hold as the Kek Bier garden is fighting for it's right to continue using the amazing area where the Beer Garden is located. The local comminity in the Amsteland has started this petition on Kek's behalf and we strongly encourage you to take a minute and sign the petition , so that we hopefully can continue offering this amazing tour next year and take you on an unforgettable experience. 


This tour is designed for confident bike riders who can bike at a decent pace. We’ll be doing several 20 or so minute rides with a few stops including the Kek Beergarden so being able to keep up with the group is very important.

The route itself is similar to our other countryside tour that visits the cheese farm, but less cheesy and in a different direction with less time on the river and more biking through the polders.

Both the beer and the bitterballen are included in the tour price. If you wish to sample a bit more of what the menu has to offer at the Kek Beergarden you will need a bank or credit card that has a PIN number that works in Europe, if not, please bring cash for any extra purchases you may wish to make.

Please keep in mind this is not a booze cruise!! We will biking approximately 30 kilometers, not getting drunk. If that’s the type of tour your looking for there are a few boat tour companies that’ll be able to assist you.

The route itself bikes south down the Amstel river and past a windmill before we turn off and bike through the polders to the village of Oudekerk an het Amstel. At which point we cross the river and bike behind a 2 nd windmill where we’ll relax at the Kek Beergarden for approximately 45 minutes.

We then bike back into town, taking 45 – 50 minutes to do so with the 1 st half of the ride being along the Amstel river passing by small farms and houses with people fishing and rowing clubs enjoying the Amstel river. Once back in town it’s a quick final ride to the shop.

All of this will be happening every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday beginning at 12:30. We’ll be keeping the groups small, 12 people will be the maximum size on this tour so booking ahead is recommended.

The cost for this tour is 55 euros for adults, 50 for students. That includes everything in the tour name, the bike, the beer, and the bitterballen.

What is bitterballen?

Wikipedia defines bitterballen as :

Bitterballen (plural of bitterbal) are a Dutch meat-based snack, typically containing a mixture of beef or veal (minced or chopped), beef broth, butter, flour for thickening, parsley, salt and pepper, resulting in a thick roux. Most recipes include nutmeg and there are also variations using curry powder or that add in finely chopped vegetables such as carrot. The ingredients are combined and cooked, then refrigerated for the mixture to firm up. Once firm, the filling is rolled into balls roughly 3 to 4 cm in diameter, then battered in a breadcrumb and egg mixture and deep-fried. They are typically served with a ramekin or small bowl of mustard for dipping..

It’s a fairly typical Dutch bar snack offered throughout the country with the mix plate from the Kek Beergarden (where we’ll be stopping) consisting of an 8 pack of both meat and veggie samples of biterballen.

What is beer?

Seriously? @#$%!, this tour may not be for you if you don’t already know. Hence this tour has strict age limit of being 18 years or older in order to join us on this bike tour.

You will receive a 5 beer taster/flight at the Kek Beergarden.

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