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Where can I buy a ticket for the bike tour?

You can purchase your ticket online through our website’s booking page, just click here. Alternatively you can also buy a ticket in our shop (if there’s still space available).

Do I need to pre-purchase a ticket for the bike tours or can I just show up?

If you really want to join the bike tour on a certain day, then we highly recommend that you book in advance as the tours often gets sold out.

Do you accept walk-inns for the bike tours?

Yes we do accept walk-inns for the tours as long as they are not fully booked already. We recommend that you show up at least 15 minutes before the tours start and that you are flexible in case it’s already sold out.

Where is the meeting-point?

The meeting-point is our shop located on Prins Hendrikkade 176, in Amsterdam. It’s a 10-15 minutes walk away from Central Station. We recommend using google maps to plan your route.

What happens if it rains?

We do the bike tours in the rain or shine. We will provide you with a rain poncho for the duration of the tour in case of rain.

Do you cancel the tours due to weather?

We only cancel the bike tours if there is a serious weather warning or sometimes in the winter time if there’s so much snow and ice that it’s not safe to bike (which luckily happens very rarely).

I haven’t ridden a bike in 10 years, which tour should I do?

Please bear in mind that you must be able to ride a bike safely on your own, be able to turn corners and bike over our mountains aka bridges, while using the gear systems on the bikes. We also expect that you can ride an average speed of at-least 12 km/h. So perhaps it’s best if you try to re-learn your bicycling skills before signing up for the tours. We find that a 1/2 day bike rental experience is mostly a great way to get used to being on 2 wheel again. 

I can’t ride a bike, can I join a bike tour?

No, to join a bike tour one must be able to ride a bike on their own and be a confident bike rider. We recommend that you check out our friends at Amsterdam Boat Adventures and book a boat tour instead

What do you mean with a confident bike rider?

Consider the traffic in Amsterdam: it comes from everywhere! We expect you to be able to check over your shoulder before turning while riding in a straight line and turning corners. We also expect you to be able to ride in a straight line with one hand, while signalling with the other. Be clear in traffic and make sure traffic is clear to you. As a confident rider one should also be able to ride at the average speed of 12 km/h

What kind of bikes do you use for the bike tours?

We use dual handbrake bikes with 7 gears. The brand is Electra bike and the models is Townie.

Do you have tandem bikes?

No, you can try Mac bike or Star bikes

Do you have small bikes and children bikes for the bike tours?

Yes we have children bikes for kids who can ride on their own and we also have smaller bikes for the vertically challenged. Please note that the minimum age for the public tours is 13 years old and that we offer private tour options for families with younger children who can ride on their own.

Do you provide bike helmets?

Yes, on special request we have helmets available for those who would like to use one. We have lots of children’s helmet and a few helmets for adults. Helmets are not mandatory in Amsterdam and the Netherlands and most people don’t use them, but we understand if you like to use one.

Can I bring my own bike along on the tour?

Yes, you may bring your own bike along on the tour. We offer a 5 € discount to people who do so. However our guides are only trained in fixing our bikes, so if anything happens to your own bike on the tour, they will not be able to help you and we unfortunately will have to leave you behind. So only bring your own bike if you are willing to take that risk. To get the 5 € discount when booking onoine use the following code: DiscOB

How long does the bike tours last?

mini City bike tour last about 2 hours.

City bike tour last about 3-3,5 hours.

Bike for Pancakes into the Woods last about 4 hourd

Bike for a Beer: last about 4 hours

Countryside bike tour last about 4,5 - 5 hours.


Please note that in case you are planning other activities for after the bike tours, count on the tours possibly lasting + 30 minutes extra.

How many people are in a group?
  • On the City bike tour we take max 13 people in one group.
  • On the mini City bike tour we take a max of 12 people in one group.
  • On the Countryside bike tour we take max 17 people in one group.
  • On the Exclusive Countryside bike tour we take a max of 10 people in one group 

Please note that for private tours we can take as little or many as you like.

Do you need a minimum of people for the scheduled bike tours?

If you have pre-bought a ticket online, we guarantee that the tour will happen no matter how small the group is. If you walk inn on the day we need a minimum of 4 people to do the tour.

What’s the difference between the City bike tour and the mini City bike tour?

The City bike tour is last about 3 – 3,5 hours and covers more of Amsterdam and we stop for a drink towards the end of the tour. The mini City bike tour last 2 hours and stays within the Inner Canal belt so we do not bike to the Museumsplein or through the Vondelpark and we also do not stop for a drink on this tour.

What’s the difference between the Countryside bike tour and City bike tour?

The two tours are completely different. The City bike tour stays in Amsterdam, where we’ll show you lots of the sights and to do so we ride through some of the more hectic areas where it’s important that you are a confident bike rider. On the Countryside bike tour we ride outside of the city. The Countryside bike tour is a bit longer, but the ride is more relaxed as the majority is spent riding on bike paths and through green areas. If you are nervous about city traffic, then we recommend that you join the Countryside bike tour.

Do you stop for lunch on the tours?

No we do not stop for lunch on the tours. However if you pack a lunch and bring along on the countryside bike tour, then there’s a chance to eat it out at the farm.

Are the bike tours appropriate for children?

Our public tours has an age limit of 13 years and older.

The City bike tour is not recommended for children. Your child must be 13 years old to go along on the City or mini City bike tour. We have an age restriction for our scheduled City tours due to stamina, ability of the children, and most importantly situational awareness. As we are cycling through the heart of Amsterdam it is very important that everyone is aware of their surroundings at all times, under 13′s tend to need more attention and assistance as they are not always aware of the dangers around them. Also the scheduled city tour does go through the Red Light District and we do speak about Prostitution and Drugs which some families find unsuitable for their children.

The Countryside bike tour is appropriate as a private tour for children of 10 years or older, as long as they can ride a bike and are confident bike riders.

We recommend families with under 13′s to consider a Private bike tour, as our guides can look after your family with more attention free for the younger people. We can also choose a route which is more suitable, due to traffic and locations and age, for example maybe avoiding the Red Light District, or not speaking about cannabis or coffeeshops..

Can I bring a baby along on the tours?

It’s unfortunately not possible to bring your baby along on our public groups tours as the age limit is 13 year or older.

It is however possible to book a private tour and bring your older baby or younger child along on the tour. We have a bike with a baby seat in the front and a bike with a child seat on the back. Please note that for health reasons it’s advised that you should only use a baby seat for longer rides if your baby is 18 months and he/she can sit independently, before you can go cycling with him/her.

What does a private bike tour cost?

2 hour City bike tour cost a minimum of € 225.
3 hour City bike tour cost a minimum of € 325.
4 hour City bike tour cost a minimum of € 425.
3,5 – 4 hour Countryside bike tour cost a minimum of € 425.
5 hour Countryside bike tour cost a minimum of € 525.

How do I book a private tour?

Bike rental Q&A

Are locks included with the bicycle?

Yes, 2 locks with every bike and we’ll give you a little lock demonstration when you pick up the bikes

Where can we pick up the bikes?

all bike rentals can be collected from our shop located on the Prins Hendrikkade 176 A, 1011 TC Amsterdam

Do you have tandem bikes for rent?

No we do not. Try Mac bike or Star bikes.

Have you got children bikes for rent?

We have a small selection of 24 inch bikes available for bigger children, but no bicycles for the very young or with baby or kids seats on them

Have you got children or baby seats on the rental bikes?

No we do not rent out bikes with seats.

Have you got special touring bikes for rent?

No we do not have special touring bikes.